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Medieval Knights of England – Sword Training

The weapons practise during the Medieval times included Pell Training specifically used for sword training. The description of Pell Training provides basic facts and information about the device as follows:

    • The Pell – used as a target weapon by a knight when practising with the sword
    • Description – The Pell consisted of a wooden post which was planted firmly in the ground
    • The origins of the pell was a simple tree trunk
    • The knight would practise striking his sword against the pell target
    • Knights used wooden swords during pell training – these were often double the weight of the actual weapon ensuring that Medieval knights built up their upper body and arm strength

The Origins and History of Pell and Sword Training
Sword Training devices, similar to the pell were used by Romans. The word ‘pell’ or ‘pel’ derives from the Latin words palos meaning ‘stake’. From this Latin origin the English word ‘pale’ was derivedĀ  meaning a stake or a pointed stick. From this the word ‘palisade’ was derived meaning a fence made of wooden stakes, used in early English Castle building. Another spin-off from Pell Training is Pell Mell.

Sword Training
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