All Types of Diseases

In Today’s life there is many types of diseases. some have solution and some don’t have any solutions. but we are providing solution for all types of diseases. The following list of some major┬ádiseases.


Injury ranks first as a killer of persons age 1 to 44, according to the CDC. The risk for injury varies with age. For example, poisoning is a particular hazard for toddlers while older adults are at a higher risk of fall-related injuries. Motor vehicle crashes, while decreasing in frequency at the time of publication, continue to threaten all age groups.

Brain and Nervous System Diseases

Brain and nervous system illnesses can appear at any age. Spina bifida, which is associated with inadequate folic acid intake in a pregnant woman’s diet, is present at birth. Alzheimer’s dementia, like schizophrenia, arises in adults, has a genetic component and is associated with physical changes in the brain.

Endocrine System Diseases

Endocrine glands secrete hormones into the bloodstream with wide-ranging effects. For example, diabetes occurs when insulin from the pancreas can no longer effectively regulate glucose. Cushing’s disease of the adrenal glands and hyperthyroidism are also endocrine disorders.

Infectious and Parasitic Diseases

Historically, infectious diseases such as tuberculosis have played a major role in human health. Even today, according to the National Institutes of Health, more people die worldwide of infectious diseases than any other cause. Bacteria, viruses and parasites all contribute to this toll.

Pregnancy and Childbirth-Related Diseases

The number of babies, out of those born alive, who survive to age 1 is a critical health measure. The U.S. infant mortality rate lags behind other industrialized countries. More than one-third of these deaths, according to the CDC, are related to premature birth, which is often related to other problems during pregnancy.

Inherited Diseases

Inherited diseases can be the result of a single gene abnormality — such as sickle cell disease or Down’s syndrome — or from the interplay of multiple genes. Neural tube defects and hip dysplasia involve multiple genes.

Environmentally-Acquired Diseases

Environmental health effects can be immediate, such as heat wave-related deaths or carbon monoxide poisoning. Others, such as skin cancer, take years to evolve. And others, such DES-related tumors, may only show up in later generations.

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